Danny Bamboat, Lead Adventurer

I created this company based on my own personal experiences. Nothing teaches you more than going out into the world! 

Living abroad in South Korea and Cambodia for 5 years, trekking the Himalayas, visiting Komodo dragons, sleeping on the Great Wall, camping on remote islands... these are just some of my most memorable stories.  I love seeking adventure and want to share this interest with others.

One of my craziest travel memories is...
"getting stuck in torrential rain, on a scooter, on a muddy dirt path, in the middle of an Indonesian forest...didn't see that coming."

A tip for travellers is...
"Always carry a flashlight. You never know when you may need it."

(Contact Danny at danny@bamtravels.com)


Sonya Sandhu, creative director (freelance)

I love to travel and I think everyone should do it. That's BAMtravels' philosophy as well, and the reason I'm a part of the adventures. I travelled as much as possible while living in Asia where I learned so much about life. Can't wait for my next trip!

One of my craziest travel memories is...
"trekking in the Nepalese jungle for eight hours looking for a wild rhino...then seeing a tiger paw print in the sand. That's as close as I needed to get!"

A tip for travellers is...
"The less you have with you, the better. You really can fit your life in a backpack."

(Contact Sonya at sonya@bamtravels.com)


Eunae Lee, South Korea Rep

I strongly believe life is filled with building new experiences. Travelling has given me a chance to learn life lessons and to appreciate the beauty of nature. I've travelled to many parts of Korea, as well as abroad, so I can help BAMtravels communicate in both Korean and English to ensure a comfortable trip.

"Travelling is finding out about other people and their culture, but eventually, you'll find yourself."  - Korean proverb


Borey Chey, Cambodia Rep

In university, I majored in Business and Hospitality & Tourism. I was a tour guide for seven years in different provinces in Cambodia. I loved being a tour guide and meeting new people, so I started my own tour company - Visamakal Travel - in Phnom Penh just over a year ago. I am also a manager at the Lovely Jubbly Hostel in Phnom Penh. I love working with BAMtravels and helping them with travelling in Cambodia.


Justin Cole, Social Media Guy

My passions are marketing, history, and travel. Some adventures don’t require a passport, but do require the company of good friends, an open mind, and the ability to push forward. Whether it’s relaxing on a bridge at midnight next to the Credit Valley River, or cliff diving off the cliffs of Bell Island, Newfoundland, I know that the next adventure is waiting around the corner.

“Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective”